at Hoeve De Prijkels in Nazareth (B)
Sunday 3 July 10h to 13h
Contact Ludo to register

If the weather allows for it: bring your picnic and enjoy the garden of the venue to have your lunch.

Incredibly connecting experience. You feel carried by the group, and energies are passed on, sometimes in a sensual way. The beautiful music takes you also into another dimension, into a world of nobody and of everybody.

Jan – Belgium

No-Body’s Dance is

  • a metaphor for a life lived in the light of the present moment
  • energy work in which we use information of our bodies: no dancing skills required
  • a frequency in which we feel more inspired and more connected: our life becomes more of a poem (or a dance)
  • a method for clearing cell memory
  • an intersection of life art and healing (towards becoming our truest self) 

You are very welcome if

  • you feel this resonates with you
  • you want to tap into this frequency of interconnectedness and genuine inspiration
  • you enjoy genuine togetherness

Sessions are in Dutch (unless it is not spoken by all participants).

(Next group event scheduled in Nazareth (close to Ghent): 31 July 2022)

The dynamics of a group is wonderful energy, waves that change the frequency of the room.

A No-Body’s Dance event is about uncovering our truest self, which is pure love and beauty. Always.

We work in an energy field, a safe high frequency circle. We use body movement to question what is under the surface of our mind. We use each other to recognize ourselves. We use our tears and laughter to loosen up. We let the energy field do its job.

We don’t work work our way through a pre-made program. That wouldn’t be like No-Body’s Dance. We work with the light of the present moment. The beauty of this work is that it shows the way as we are going. Nothing needs to be premeditated.

No-Body’s Dance Group Events take place about once a month in Nazareth (close to) Ghent. You are very welcome to join. You are also very welcome to organize a No-Body’s Dance Event yourself. All you need is some space and at least 4 people to participate. For now I do group events from 3 hours to 1 entire day. Contact me for further details. I do this work in Dutch, English and French. And in love.

You touched my heart in your silence.

Esther – The Netherlands

I felt everyone was connected to the universal energy in a very strong way. The atmosphere in the room was magical, the whole universe within reach. 

Daivika – Germany

Meeting you was so unexpected and special. I feel deep gratitude for so much beauty.

Hilde – Belgium

‘A deep journey into self-awareness, exploring the divine essence of being.

Yuri – Belgium

It was very special to me, and surprising. The word ‘dance’ got a new dimension. Beautiful.

Gudrun – Belgium

Thank you, Zoë, for creating this space where we can simply be with all there is. It feels very warm and connecting!

Tanja – Belgium

It was a very intense experience. I am very grateful I could be there.

Caroline – Belgium