15 December 2021

A very first No-Body’s Dance Love Letter!

You are receiving this letter because you subscribed to the mailing list on my website, or because you are a friend whom I added myself. In any case, feel free to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive my letters. And no, I don’t intend to write to you that often. I intend to write to you on a very irregular basis, not because my calendar tells me, not for marketing reasons. Just from my heart to your heart, just when … it happens.

It happens. 

As a non-judging witness, it is maybe all we can say about what happens in the world and in our lives: it happens. The more we can let go of judging and identifying with what happens, the more LIFE itself starts flowing through our personal lives. The more our life becomes a dance.

This is what the No-Body’s Dance sessions are about. In a session I let go of my own ‘self’ and my body captures information about the receiver in the energy field. We then work with this information. I am always amazed to witness how easily and unexpectedly this information comes in, to hear how matching, revealing and healing it is. 


In this very first love letter, I want to tell you something about the notion of SHAKTI. 

Shakti is the sacred feminine life force and she comes in many faces. She is the primal life force of all existence and she is also embodied by all the main goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. She actually IS embodiment herself. WIthout her life force there wouldn’t be any forms of life. There would only be consciousness. She is the devoted and unconditional love of a housewife and the uncompromising determination of a female solo traveler. She is beauty and creativity. She is not afraid to love and not afraid to fight. She is many things, but always, she is passionate and powerful. As a woman, I like to call upon Shakti to empower me. Sometimes I call for Shakti love, sometimes I ask to be a Shakti warrior. 

Shakti: sacred feminine life-force

As a woman you can unveil and cultivate Shakti energy. As a man you can do that too – of course you can. Whether man or woman, we all consist of precious male and female energy. On top of that, as a man, you can choose to honor and support Shakti in the women you meet with. You will be surprised to find out how rewarding that is!

A Nobody’s Dance session could be about what stands in the way of allowing Shakti – sacred feminine life force – to flow IN you, and to flow TO you.

This is what I wanted to inspire you with in this very first No-Body’s Dance Love letter. At the end of the month, I will be traveling to Turkey, in search of snowy mountains and female Sufis. Maybe it will inspire me to write another love letter to you. 

I will be back from mid-January for sessions. You can book yours through the website or by just calling me +32/(0)4755238. You are of course very welcome to forward this letter to friends who could feel inspired by the content of this letter.

I send you my Shakti love!